Customer Service and Water Filters by Eureka Forbes

Customer service is not an extension of a company’s profile but an integral part of it. The more excellent the customer service, the more will be the customer count in the company’s kitty leading to increasing sales, good growth, and excellent rapport. This is what identifies the Eureka Forbes customer service portfolio. Over the years, ever since its inception, it is through excellent customer service that the company has emerged as the largest direct sales company in the whole of Asia in the home consumer products segment. If you read any of its review on web, you will realize that this company rules the roost in all the four segments it caters to. To reach the company’s well trained executives to solve your queries or register complaints, forbes you can dial 3988 3333, its customer service number accessible round the clock. The company leaves no room for any grievance when it comes to customer service.

Amid the four segments, special mention needs to be made of the Eureka Forbes water filter. Depending on the type of filter you need, you can get any; get the water checked so that you know whether you need ultra violet or reverse osmosis or other mechanisms or blend of technologies. Every Eureka Forbes review on water purifiers carries information and experience about one water filters. So, before you buy, go online and read the reviews. Do also read the features and technical specifications displayed against each water filter in its corporate site.

One Eureka Forbes water filter attachment that is available online or via direct sales is the Aquaguard Miracle. This filter is often spoken volume in many of its review. If you are residing in an industrial location where there are factories and other industrial centres in the vicinity or in a circumference of at least 10 kilometers, dani-info you should use this water filter. It effectively removes heavy metals like lead, iron, etc. which affect livers, digestive system and the central nervous system, thus facilitating a healthy life.

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