To Reload or Not To Reload

With the cost of living continually on the rise these days, there has been a marked trend for hunters and other gun enthusiasts to handload, or “reload,” their own ammunition. Although reloading has historically been a standard practice for shooters, many people currently find reloading an economically practical matter. Not only is it a way to save money, it is also a way to personalize the performance of one’s ammunition in order to produce a harder or softer shot. Reloading is also practically a necessity for gun collectors who want to shoot their vintage guns, but whose ammunition is unavailable. shooterammunition

For those who would like to try reloading their own ammunition but feel that the operation would be too complicated, after some practice it can prove simpler to perform than expected. All a person needs is the proper equipment, the skill to follow instructions specifically, and a certain amount of patience. The most daunting part of reloading is the initial investment a shooter must make in securing the necessary tools and equipment. Once these needs are met, however, the initial investment will be returned in no time.

One of the main advantages in one reloading their own ammunition is that he will be reusing his own shells. In order for this to be successful, however, a shooter must keep his shells clean and in working order. Otherwise, reloading will not produce satisfactory results, and could also be extremely dangerous.

One of the first, and most essential, pieces of equipment that the shooter needs is a reloading press. The press is probably the most expensive piece of equipment that is necessary, ranging in from under $100 up to roughly $1,000 or more, depending on what one’s particular reloading needs are. For beginners, a single stage press will generally suffice because it has the fewest moving parts, and it also makes reloading simple. These reloaders generally come in the shape of a “C” or an “O”, and it is often more economical to buy them as part of a kit which could include a number of other essential items, such as powder measure and funnel, primer feeds and catchers, pins, lubes, and a reloading instruction manual.

As single stage press can generally only manufacture one cartridge at a time, more experienced users can graduate straight to a progressive press, certainly the most expensive and complicated of the reloading presses. A progressive press can manufacture several cartridges simultaneously, and once it has been set up to specification, and providing that the operator fully understands the reloading procedure, hundreds of shells can potentially be manufactured in less than an hour. However, the progressive press is generally only recommended for someone who shoots a large volume of shells on a regular basis. More info please visit

As such, reloading has become a very popular alternative to buying ammunition, as well as being a hobby for hunters and other shooting enthusiasts. Ultimately it is only a matter of choosing which press is right for your needs.


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