GPS POI Data – Getting Your Business Listed

No matter how small or new your business is, having it listed in a GPS POI database is important. Not only will it increase your popularity among potential clients, Web Triber Directory but also make it visible in all electronic maps, which virtually all GPS devices use.

GPS receivers have become quite a commodity just like mobile phones and computers and having your business listed in various formats and systems of GPS POI data became as important as having it listed in the yellow pages. In many ways, it is extremely helpful in drawing more attention to your business.

There are many ways in which you can manage getting your business listed in GPS POI databases. With the help of a dedicated computer and internet access, you can complete the task in a snap. If you really want your business to be visible in as many GPS devices as possible, visit the NAVTEQ Map Reporter site. Simply follow the websites easy directions on listing new POI entries.

After successfully listing your business location, Web Directory the website will inform you when they have included your business location entry in their updated POI list. This POI data system is what actually provides POI list updates for popular GPS brand websites. Hence, having your business location and mapping details included in NAVTEQ’s database makes sure that that information is made available to all GPS users who regularly update their POI lists.

Another way of listing your business is by contacting InfoUSA. InfoUSA is basically a company that acquires business data from various sources, manage business information and keep them available for marketing purposes. If your business has been operating for quite some time, there is a good chance that your business may already be included in the company’s GPS POI database. This way, you only need to contact them to verify or point out necessary corrections to your business’ location.

TeleAtlas offers quick and easy GPS POI listing of your business. Simply go to the website and add your business location to its POI listing.

In some cases, you may need to register to websites that manage, operate and offer GPS POI updates for virtually all popular GPS brands. Sign up for an account and be ready with your business location information. Some websites offer POI listing for medium to large businesses only, and there are other websites that only require you to provide sufficient information about your business location and that is it. For more info please visit here:-

Actually, you may also use your own GPS device to have your business listed in various POI database. If your GPS device has functions that allow custom POI listing, you may use applications like the geocoder to pin point the location and have it marked in your electronic map. Add in your business name, description, address and contact number and save the information. As you synch the device into your computer, you may upload it to your GPS brand’s website, advertise it in forums and have your business POI data ready for file transfer and sharing.

In any business, being visible and in touch with technology is important. In addition, updating GPS POI data to get your business listed serves as an effective marketing strategy that will increase the visibility, popularity and interest in your business.


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