ADHD Parenting: Breaking Bad Habits

There is a lot of biological truth behind the statement “breaking the habit.” The developing brain of a child is made up of electrical wires, habitforge which forge connection between nerves that record patterns of association. These patterns of association are the things that make up an experience – for instance, feeling anxious and relieving this anxiety through pulling out hair. Such patterns can be common among children with ADHD. Parenting these behaviors is important because patterns become habits when they are done repeatedly. Once a child has a habit, he or she performs the action automatically, RedLasso without giving it a second thought.

Does the habit need breaking?

Before working on breaking your ADHD child’s bad habits, theconversationprism take a moment to asses if the habit really is a problem. Is it something that requires intervention, or would it be better to let your child enjoy the habit? After all, some habits will eventually go away. And to nervous children, these habits are a way of coping with the pressures in his or her world; taking this habit away might invite a more harmful way of relieving stress. Generally speaking, if the habit causes teasing or social isolation, or if the habit is harming the child (e.g. fingers are getting infected from biting), then you need to step in.

Discover the trigger

What are the situations that make your child pull hair, softwareglimpse bite nails, or twitch? Is your child nervous, angry, tired, or bored? Call your child’s attention to the habit and discuss it together. Try to find out what’s causing the habit and if your child is bothered by these actions or feels comforted by them. If you can, adjust the environment to eliminate the cause. For instance, if you notice the nail-biting increasing when your child watches TV after school, mtb-114 it might help to find engaging extra-curricular activities that will keep your child busy and stimulated.

Offer substitutes

One way to avoid the habit is to provide a safer alternative. For instance, ilwu502 if your child’s hands are busy squeezing a stress ball, he won’t be able to nibble on his fingernails. Help your child develop this new habit through practice. Gently remind your child to fiddle with the substitute object when the urge comes. Make sure this object is small and within easy reach; immigration medical doctor hang it from a keychain on your child’s backpack or put it in your child’s pocket.

Find ways to relax

For some children, Home improvement habits are a way of relaxing or distracting themselves from a stressful situation. Try teaching your child healthier ways to calm down, such as deep breathing exercises.


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