Designer Custom Wedding Bands

Wedding band, perhaps better known as wedding ring, is one of the most important ornaments we encounter in our life. Several social historians believe that the custom of presenting a wedding band during the wedding by the bride and groom to each other was started in Europe, kms auto several centuries earlier. The ring had been seen as a symbol of marital fidelity. Later, possibly because of the rampant colonization, the custom has spread over almost all parts of the world. Now in this era when everything should have a “designer” tag attached to it, the wedding ring also has become a statement of fashion and, according to some critics, dryer repair san diego vanity.

But everybody agrees that buying the ring is one of the most important things in the wedding shopping agenda. Ideally, the wedding ring should reflect the taste, personality, and, more importantly, the status of the bride and groom and the respective family. Earlier gold was the preferred metal for making rings. Although gold remains a popular choice even now, fancy name titanium and platinum are preferred by those seeking designer wedding bands.

There are a mind-boggling number of wedding bands available in the market. There are some types of that are known by the region in which that particular kind of band is popular. African bands, garten Arabic bands, Celtic bands and Byzantine bands are examples for this. Some other bands are known for certain purposes. Astrology bands, religious bands and military bands belong to this category.

There are some other bands, which are known for its specific theme. Geometric, golf, cat house playing card, Roman numeral, and story are examples of this kind of bands. Then there are rings with fancy names such as Fleur-de-lis bands, floral bands, love collection bands, and scroll wedding bands.

Designer wedding bands made of various types of meal are available in jewelries. The most sought after rings are platinum, diamond, and gold. Titanium, palladium, platinum, ceramic, SEO and tungsten are generally bought by those among the young, “yuppie” generation. Previously, black was a taboo color in ceremonies like marriages. But the advent of designer wedding bands, Home deco the taboo of black in wedding ceremonies seems to be a thing in the past. Black palladium and black ceramic are the favorites among the modern generation. Now custom-made designer wedding bands (that is, the rings will be made according to the customer’s ideas and inputs) are also available in many cities.


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